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It is against the law to sell or supply vape products to, or to obtain vape products on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.
It is against the law to sell or supply vape products to, or to obtain vape products on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Battery and Device Safety

This depends on the type of device you want to buy! Buying a smart charger to recharge your batteries, that is manufactured specifically for the device you use, is always a good idea though. 

We highly recommend you purchase a battery charger with any external dual battery devices. Not doing so and charging a dual battery device through the USB port will void your warranty on the device. This is not applicable for external single battery devices.

You should always keep components out of hot areas like cars, direct sunlight, next to stoves etc. Where possible carry your setup upright and don’t leave it lying prone, and don’t leave it in your pocket for extended periods of time.

No device manufactured to charge a phone is compatible with any of the devices we sell, and if you do charge your device on a phone charger it will, in most cases, void the warranty. We strongly recommend using no more than a 2A charger. Also note that this is only for in-built or single battery devices (Dual battery devices must use an external charger). Please avoid using incorrect chargers for your device!! 

Firstly, make sure your batteries are inserted the correct way. Not doing so may result in venting. Whenever you charge your battery, regularly check it and remove it as soon as it’s done. Batteries should always be charged on a fireproof surface, and never left unattended or for long periods (like overnight).

When not in a device, keep your stand alone batteries free from nicks & chips to the outer wrapping. If travelling with them, place all batteries and tanks in separate and purpose built battery case.


It sure is. We’d be pretty bold having stores and a website if it wasn’t!

You have to be 18 years of age to vape in Australia.

An e-cigarette is an electronic tobacco smoking substitute that creates a vapour mist to replicate the experience of smoking a cigarette. The two are really similar, but vaping is a later evolved version with more components and capacity for customisation.

We can't definitively say that one is better than the other for legal reasons, but we encourage you to read health studies and make your own conclusions! If you have any pre-existing health conditions or any concerns at all about vaping, as with any lifestyle change, you should first consult with your GP.

The atomiser sits on top of an e-cigarette battery and uses heat to vaporise e-liquids. They come in a range of different makes and sizes, ranging from being disposable or self contained. More experienced vapers may build or experiment with atomisers to create a specific experience. 

A coil is the core of a vaping device. A coil is a band of wire that (typically) wraps around cotton soaked in a liquid. As the battery heats the wire, it produces a vapour from the liquid soaked cotton.  

A ‘mod’ is essentially a descriptor for a vaping setup that has been modified or has the capacity to be custom set up. It’s a broad term that covers a range of devices.

E-liquid (or juices) are what’s dripped into your vaping device that is heated by the coil to create vapour. It consists of just three ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and flavouring. The VG and PG are additives from the food industry that are typically used to sweeten or preserve food. It’s the blend of these three ingredients that create a flavour, of which there are a huge range. Ultimately you’ll find a balance that creates an optimal profile for you! The only variation here is that you may opt to vape with nicotine, in which case there will be four ingredients that make up an e-liquid.

Propylene Glycol is an organic liquid compound that is colourless and odourless with a very faint sweet taste. It’s used as a solvent and preservative in food and tobacco, from coffee to ice cream and soft drinks, or even salad dressings and cake icing! It’s a common substance, but for vaping it’s used as the flavour carrier. It also gives the vapour a rougher ‘throat feel’ that makes vaping a closer replicant of conventional smoking. A tiny fraction of the population has a sensitivity to propylene glycol, which typically results in irritated skin or a sore throat. 

Vegetable Glycerin, one of the other three main ingredients in vaping, is another sweet tasting and non-toxic clear liquid. It’s produced from plant and animal sources, and is again prevalent in a whole range of human consumables from cookies to toothpaste.

Quite a thick, viscous liquid, VG’s main responsibility in vaping is to produce the cloud, but it can also reduce the roughness of the ‘throat feel’.

We have stores at Beenleigh, North Lakes and Browns Plains. You can look on our About/Locations page to find the exact address - we’d love to see you!! 

I want to know about Nicotine

No products sold through contain nicotine.

MTL and DTL. I keep hearing these - what are they?

So mouth to lung vaping is where you draw the vapour into your mouth, before subsequently inhaling it into your lungs. This is a good way for beginners to start vaping, and also closely replicates the act of smoking a cigarette.

It also uses slightly less vape juice, plus fractionally enhances the way you can hold the flavour in your mouth.

involves inhaling the vapour from an e-cigarette directly into the lungs, just like taking a normal breath. 

Now that I’ve bought my vape, I still have some questions!

Not at all! You can swap juices at any time while using the same coil, but you may find the first couple of draws are a bit strange tasting as the two flavours briefly overlap. It’s still good to get into a habit of cleaning your vape tank between flavours however.

Priming your coils is important when you buy or install a new coil. After being installed, you have to let the device sit for at least 15 minutes so the new coil can be soaked in the e-liquid. Not waiting for this can cause your coil to burn out! Alternatively, you can drip liquid on each entry point of the coil, and then take five to ten deep pulls of air without putting the tank onto the device. This will help bring the juice into the coil properly.

There is a really simple process you can follow to clean your vape tank. Firstly, detach your tank from the mod and then fill a bowl with warm water. Dispose of any liquid possibly left in the tank, disassemble the tank and then wash each constituent part in the bowl of warm water. Dry off each component with a clean towel, let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then reassemble your device.

Your coil can’t be cleaned, as getting it wet will badly damage it! Needing to replace coils is a natural part of the vaping process, so check our products if your coil is looking a little worse for wear.

Coils need to be replaced at regular intervals (between 5 days and two weeks), and the length of time for those intervals changes depending on the device and your use of it. How often you use your device, your power settings and what liquids you use in the device will affect your coil’s lifespan. If you encounter a burnt taste in your atomiser, you know it’s probably time to change the coil. 

This could be a number of things! It’s most likely that you don’t have enough juice in your tank. A dry coil will burn out faster! It could also be that you haven’t primed your coil head - when you replace your coil, you must let your device rest for at least 15 minutes so the fresh wick can absorb the e-liquid from your tank. Finally, people’s vaping styles change over time. A user quitting smoking may take smaller and softer draws, but start the draw quite hard to get a bigger cloud. This might necessitate a change of coils to reflect a new style, or even a new tank (just ask us about the latter).

As mentioned before, a minority of the population is sensitive to PG (Propylene Glycol), so irritations from vaping may be due to this. Check with your GP or a medical practitioner immediately if you suffer any adverse effects from vaping.

The first thing to check is whether everything is secured! Check that the top and the bottom of the tank is secured properly in your device. Secondly, make sure you fill the tank correctly - remove it from your device if need be, do so carefully and leave a small bubble of air at the top of the tank. Also, make sure you have a long, slow and steady draw on your device so your e-liquid has time to vaporise.

If you’ve covered off everything in our guides and FAQs, then check out our returns policy. If it’s broken, you can ship it to us and we’ll replace the part.

Unfortunately, both of these goods qualify as consumables so under our warranty and the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) they cannot be returned. What we suggest is that you give us a call so we can talk to you about your vape experience and recommend something better suited to your tastes!

This will happen if you use a coil that isn’t compatible with a mod, or that your coil may be dead or loosely connected to your device. Make sure your coil is securely tightened into your device, and that it is compatible with your device - call us if you need some confirming that this is the case.

Most often this will be caused by your device needing a replacement coil - faulty or damaged coils will cause this. Alternatively, your device’s wattage could be too low. If it is too low to properly heat the coil, it can cause flooding and gurgling. Finally, watch that you haven’t added excess liquid to your tank, or even over-saturated your coil when priming.

Payment and Shipping

We currently only accept payments via Poli Pay (Australia Post) and Zip Pay.

We take the privacy of your information really seriously. You can read our privacy policy to check up on what we do to safeguard your information.

If you check our shipping page, you can see our exact timeframes and delivery options!

Not yet, sorry! We do ship all around Australia, except to South Australia.

Due to draconian legislation from the South Australian government, we are unable to ship any vaping products to South Australia. Our apologies for that - we wish we could!!

Absolutely! If you’re in South East Queensland, we recommend you come to one of our stores where our staff can help you work through any issues. If you’d prefer to just call, you can reach us on (07) 3048 3720 to have a chat.

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars 

Setting up your device

It’s there, sitting in front of you. Ready to go. You’re excited, we’re excited. But where to next?

Firstly, unpack your device. Pretty simple first step, right? Second to this, make sure you set it up on a flat surface.

Next, fill your tank or pod with your e-liquid. If you have a pod system, locate the filling cavity on your pod. It should be clearly marked on your device and in the instructions that come with it. If it’s a tank, it will be clearly marked. Carefully fill the tank or pod.

Prime your coil or pod. This means you need to let your device rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes while the coil is soaked with e-liquid. Not waiting for this can cause your coil to burn out! Alternatively, you can drip liquid on each entry point of the coil, and then take five to ten deep pulls of air without putting the tank onto the device. This will help bring the juice into the coil properly.

There are two types of device - fixed and variable powered devices. All this means is that your device has an ability to adjust its power settings to build a custom vaping experience or not. If it’s a pod or a pen system, you probably don’t need to worry about this next part, but it’s good to just confirm what it is by reading anyway.


If there is no display screen and no controls to adjust the power output it’ll mean you have a fixed power device. Attach your pod or tank to your vaping device and you’re good to go! If it does have these things, you’ll need to set it up at the correct power.

The power you set it to will depend on the coil in the tank. If the coil you have is 10 to 16 watts, start by setting it up halfway in between as a safe starting point, so you use your controls to set it to 13 watts. To confirm what details you need for setup, you should check the manual or guide in your packaging, on the coil itself, online from where you purchased, or even just call one of our stores for more help.

So - now it’s set up, you can actually vape. Put your mouth over the mouthpiece, begin to inhale and draw from the mouthpiece at the same time as you hold down the fire button on your device. Start slow and short, and as you adjust to the action you can extend your vape time.

What device do I get?

Hugely popular and easy to use, vape pods are notable for a few reasons. They are compact, so they fit easily in pockets. They don’t have adjustable power (typically), but are designed to output a similar amount of vapour as what might be exhaled from a cigarette. They’re also typically puff activated - that is to say, you don’t need to press a button to fire the device, you just need to begin inhaling.

Because coils are usually integrated straight into the device, there is no need to replace coils and instead you replace the pod itself, and they usually have a sealed internal battery. They’re designed to use high strength salt nicotine e-liquids, although they aren't restricted to these!

They’re portable, easy to use and a good replication for a cigarette. If this sounds like you, then this is probably the place to start!

A mod is usually a larger device that has the capacity to be modified. You will need to replace the coil, and will have more customisation over your device in terms of changing power output and airflow. You’ll usually have to press a button to fire the device.

Mods might be a little more expensive, and will require a little more effort to maintain, but you can create a much more specific vaping experience with a mod.

Vape pens are what they sound like - they’re vaping devices shaped like a pen.