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4 Factors to Consider When Buying A Vape Tank

4 Factors to Consider When Buying A Vape Tank

If you’re a novice to the world of vape tanks, it can feel overwhelming when you see the range available in the market. But don’t worry. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about a dry herb vape tank and learn how to make an informed purchase decision.

What is a Vape Tank?

A vape tank is a vital component of the e-cigarette or mod. It is used to store the e-liquid and contains the coil responsible for vapourization. The design of most vapes is such that the position of the tank is on top of the battery. Generally, the shape of the tank is cylindrical, with glass bodies and a metallic top and bottom. In the centre, you can see a stem running up. This stem attaches to a coil at the bottom and then moves to the mouthpiece.

When you need to buy a vape tank, you need to choose one that matches your desired vaping style. Moreover, it needs to have the right feature set for your needs. Here are the four factors you must keep in mind.

Easy to Fill

How you are able to fill the tank can enhance the experience of using a vape. Vape Tanks have swivel/slide, screw top  flip open option or bottom fill. You can choose the style you like. Below we provide a viewpoint on each of these options:

  • Swivel or Slide – This option makes it easy to fill the vape tank with e-liquid, however, over time certain tanks can lose its swivel resistance and can cause leakage as the swivel function can open by itself
  • Screw – This is fast becoming one of the most popular forms, as it provides to the best experience to avoid leakages and makes it easy to access the tanks fill point
  • Flip – These are normal press activated and provided more security against vape tanks accidentally opening in your pocket or bag. The typically last the test of time
  • Bottom Fill – This is common in most Pyrex based pod tanks. It is typically a rubber seal that forms the seal on the fill point. It is generally quite secure, but can be hard to grip if you have large fingers


Adjustable Airflow

Some vapers like the free, open airflow for deep inhaling Others prefer tight airflow characteristics  A simple way to understand what might you suit you is to relate it to smoking. If you are seeking a draw that is like a cigarette then you want a Mouth to Lung Tank with dotted and/or restricted airflow and smaller mouthpiece to reduce the amount of vapour, feel more like a cigarette and avoid that cough from vaping. If you are seeking a draw that is like natural breathing motion or chasing clouds then you want a Direct to Lung Tank with larger airflow vents and mouthpiece to maximise the vape production. Therefore, choose a vape tank that provides an adjustable airflow collar. This way, you can enjoy the level of airflow resistance you prefer.

Leak-free Design

The design of a modern vape tank is such that it has two large intake vents on the bottom. Moreover, it has a wide mouthpiece at the top. And the e-liquid stays in its place. However, some sub-ohm tanks are designed with tight tolerances. With silicone or rubber gaskets, they can ensure a perfect seal. Therefore, look for models and units that provide a leak-free design. They are the best vape tanks for flavour since they do not result in any wastage.

Coil Selection

Manufacturers design vape tanks for different vaping experiences. Therefore, it is important to consider what coils are available for each tank. As an example – if you enjoy vaping at 30 watts, then picking a tank that only has coils from 80 watts to 120 watts won’t be a good fit as it will result in juice leakage, lack of flavour and coil burn out. This is also applicable in a vice versa situation. It is important to understand your vape style (e.g. less clouds, more clouds)and ideal wattage as this will help you select the most suitable tank for you.

Wrapping up

Any vape tank you choose should be able to let you enjoy vaping the way you like it. Some people desire maximum possible convenience, while others want control over every aspect of the vaping experience. A vape tank with pre-built replaceable coils is also worth a try. When the coil fails to provide an acceptable flavour quality, the vaper can replace the coil with a new pre-built version. Such a vape tank delivers the best vaping experience by combining control and convenience.


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