Vaping 101

How to fill vape tank?

How to fill vape tank?

It’s there, sitting in front of you. Ready to go. You’re excited, we’re excited. But where to next?

Firstly, unpack your vape device. Pretty simple first step, right? Second to this, make sure you set it up on a flat surface.

Next, fill your vape tank or vape pod with your e-liquid. If you have a pod system, locate the filling cavity on your pod. It should be clearly marked on your device and in the instructions that come with it. If it’s a vape tank, it will be clearly marked. Carefully fill the tank or pod.

Prime your vape coil or vape pod. This means you need to let your device rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes while the coil is soaked with e-liquid. Not waiting for this can cause your coil to burn out! Alternatively, you can drip e-liquid on each entry point of the coil, and then take five to ten deep pulls of air without putting the tank onto the device. This will help bring the juice into the vape coil properly.

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