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How to prime vape coils?

How to prime vape coils?

How to prime coils?

Priming your vape coils is important when you buy or install a new coil. Not doing this correctly can be expensive and can result in a poor vaping experience.

Step One

Drip your e-liquid on the outside of the exposed cotton on your coil to start the priming process

Note: Do not excessively prime the cotton as this could result in leakage

Step Two

Now you are ready to reassemble your vape tank with the wicked vape coil. Screw or push your coil back into the tank. Once it is assembled, you can fill your tank with e-liquid and close the tank lid.

Note: don't leave the tank fill port open as this can result in leakage.

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Step Three

Take at least 5 big draws into the vape tank without pushing the fire button on your mod. This will help to pull extra juice into any dry cotton. For pod systems or vape kits with Auto fire feature, keep the pod OFF device and take at least 5-10 draws into the pod to pull juice into the cotton before attaching to your device .

We also recommend letting your juice sit in the vape tank for 5 to 10 minutes without vaping to ensure the cotton is primed.

Step Four

You are now ready to vape.

Always start lower than the recommended wattage, E.g. 60w-80w coil, start vaping at 40w for 5 vapes, then 45w for 5 vapes and so on. If you can't lower wattage on your device, make sure to take small draws for first 10 vapes

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