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The Airscream Vape is Now Available at The Vape Joint Australia!

The Airscream Vape is Now Available at The Vape Joint Australia!

The Vape Joint is excited to introduce Airscream Vapes to our product range. The Vape Joint will now be carrying the Airscream Vape product line at all of its physical store locations and online, offering free express shipping on all orders of $75 Australia wide. This premium brand features a variety of vape kits (Mouth to lung and Direct to Lung) and prefilled pods, refillable pods or sub ohm tanks that are sure to please any vaper. Made with only high-quality ingredients, Airscream Vape products have a smooth taste and an excellent vapor production. These devices can be found in the vape kit section of The Vape Joint.

Air Scream Vape Starter Kits

There are four Airscream Vape starter kits available:

  1. The first is the Airscream Vape Airspops Kit. This starter kit comes with single refillable pod, an Airscream Vape battery and a magnetic USB charger. This is the perfect kit for someone looking to get started with vaping, as it offers you the flexibility of using prefilled pods with a large range of flavors to pick from and if you do not enjoy any of these then there is always the option of using a refillable pods that will allow you to vape your desired e-liquid. This kit also offers a pure Mouth to lung (MTL) vaping experience which is perfect for those looking for something similar to a cigarette draw.Airscream Airspops 1
  2. The second Airscream Vape starter kit is the Airscream Vape Airspops 7 Starter Kit. This kit is similar to the first, however it offers a higher battery capacity of 700mah instead of 320mah available through the Airscream Vape Airspops Kit. Both devices use the same prefilled pods and refillable pods. This starter kit is perfect for vapers who are wanting a longer vaping time from their device without having to charge frequently.Airscream Airspops 7
  3. The third Airscream Vape starter kit is the Airspops pro. This kit is different to the above two devices in which the device uses a replaceable coil instead of replacing the entire pod/cartridge. The Airpops pro still offers a Mouth to lung (MTL) draw but with a slight increase in airflow and additional cotton, you will experience a greater taste of your e-liquid. So, if you are looking more flavor and vapor production from your device, whilst still maintaining the cigarette like draw then this device is right for you.Airscream Airspops Pro
  4. The fourth Airscream vape starter kit is the Bottle by Airpops. This kit is extremely unique due to its innovative design, that offers a compact design but does not sacrifice on performance. The Bottle offers both a Mouth to lung (MTL) and Direct to lung (DTL) vaping experience with its option of two coils, including a 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm coil. Airscream have also built in an adjustable airflow system that ensures a vape experience suitable to you. It is no wonder this device was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 for its aesthetically appealing, functional, smart and innovative.Bottle by Airspops Airscream

Air Scream Vape Tank, Coils, Refillable & Prefilled Pods

The Airscream vape products come with a range of tanks, coils, refillable and prefilled pods. Knowing which one works with what can be difficult to understand at first, so here at The Vape Joint we have made a compatibility list to make it easier for you:

  1. Airscream Airspops 1 and Airspops 7
  1. Airscream AirsPops Pro
  1. Bottle by Airspops Kit

Final Words

To get your hands on one of the above devices today, visit us in store or order online today. We also understand that the above devices may not be right for you, so check out the full range of vape kits available at The Vape Joint. If you are just starting out and are not sure where to begin, you can email us at or call one of our friendly staff to get you started on your journey today.

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