Stash Jars

Stash Jars

The Vape Joint offers a wide collection of stash jars that function as herb containers and make storage of the dry herb easier for you. These jars are airtight, dry and offer UV protection to preserve your herbs for months. 

We are one of the best online vape stores in Australia, offering stash jars in various designs and sizes. You can choose from materials like aluminium, porcelain, wood, and more, that offer ample benefits including being smell proof, moisture proof, and waterproof. As a result, they lock in all scents, smells and keep water and moisture away so that your herb remains fresh for longer. 

Visit our stores at Mount Warren, Browns Plains, or North Lakes in Brisbane to view the collection or place your order online at our website. We do not take any shipping charges for online orders above $75.


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Smokezilla Aluminium Storage Jar
Snapstash Dynavap
Snapstash Dynavap Sale priceFrom $1.90
Chubby Gorilla 4oz Aviator Container
Small Prescription Marijuana Stash It Storage Jar
Large Prescription Porcelain Stash Storage Jar And Lid
Magnetic Storage Box
Sold out
Small Baking Supplies Stash It Storage Jar
Large Cannabis Stash It Storage Jar
Save $10.00
Dynastash Wenge
Dynastash Wenge Sale price$59.90 Regular price$69.90
Chubby Gorilla 7.5oz Aviator XL Container
Juicy Jays Airtight 280ml Glass Stash Jar Assorted
Small Rainbow Weed Stash It Storage Jar
Large Baking Supplies Stash It Porcelain Storage Jar
Save $5.00
Dynastash Cedar
Dynastash Cedar Sale price$54.90 Regular price$59.90
CVault Storage Container
CVault Storage Container Sale priceFrom $54.90
Chubby Gorilla 2oz Aviator Container
Stash Jar 1 Down
Bad Ass
Stash Jar 1 Down Sale price$14.90
Large Rainbow Weed Stash It Porcelain Storage Jar
Save $10.00
Dynastash Movingui
Dynastash Movingui Sale price$59.90 Regular price$69.90
Raw Cone Caddy King Size Metal Tin Case
Raw Cone Caddy 1 1/4 Metal Tin Case
Pulsar RIP Silicone Container 32mm Assorted Colours
CVault Twist Steel Storage Container - 7g
XMAX Stash Box
XMAX Stash Box Sale price$49.90