The Vape Joint is your local supplier of all Smok products in Australia. We have three stores located in Brisbane, Australia (Browns Plains, Mount Warren and North Lakes) that you can visit but don’t worry if you live outside of Queensland, we also offer free shipping Australia wide for only $75. So pop in store or order online to get your hands on a Smok product today.

SMOK uses the leading e-cigarette technology to deliver the best experience to its users. The brand has multiple national and international sales options, making it a global name. Within just a decade of coming into fruition, SMOK has garnered over 80 million consumers across the world. Their premium first-class e-cigarettes hold the credit for getting some of the most loyal customers. 

The research-based developments of e-cigarettes and vaporisers make the products reliable and user-friendly. Users can find bestseller vape kits from the brand that won’t blow a hole in the pocket. SMOK does not just offer vape products but has also created a global community of vapers. The brand has a dedicated application IVPS Tour that works as a social platform and vaporiser management system. This app has social information features for the users to rely on each other for new developments. 

As a result, this helps in bringing the vape community together and empowering people to follow a different lifestyle. Such a dedicated thought makes SMOK user-centric while providing additional resources and trustworthy friends. Apart from this, SMOK also has an amazing customer service team that works tirelessly for consumer satisfaction. Vapers can rely on SMOK for safe products that are ultimate in quality for extended use. 


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