Davinci Miqro Basic

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Colour: Cobalt - Blue


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Melanie Thomas
Great upgrade.

Ok, so I am still a bit of a novice here, but will share what I think, in case it helps any other newbies.

I have only tried the Yocan Vane before, so was keen to purchase a bit of an upgrade to improve my vaping experience. Still on a relatively tight budget as far as vapes go.

After taking advice from the very helpful team at "The Vape Joint" I chose the "DaVinci Miqro."

First of all, it oozes build quality, beautifully designed and first class components. So easy to use, but heaps of videos on YouTube if you need a demo. They can tell you all the technical stuff!

I use the longer mouthpiece, but like that you have options. Now I don't know all the jargon, but can tell you that it is a completely different experience to my old vape. Incredible flavour, so smooth and cool. No irritation, which is really what I was looking for initially. I like the built in "poky thing" 😂 to stir herbs and to assist with cleaning.

Vaping with the "Miqro" is really enjoyable and I highly recommend it. If you are looking for more expert reviews though, head over to YouTube. 🙂

It is well worth spending a little more than those cheapie vapes and this is an awesome device for under $200.00.

I must add that it does get a bit hot, as I am sure they all do, so I have purchased the snazzy little silicon glove for it. Also, I removed the little silicon charger cover, as it tends to drop out. No big deal though.

Very happy customer. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟