Storz & Bickel Mighty Plus Vaporiser

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Damien S
Not worth the $$

For $550 I was expecting better quality, feels like cheap plastic and takes 5 hours to fully charge, you’d think for the price they would throw in the super charger for free

Five star chill rating

Love it... I previously owned a Pax3 and I can honestly say that thing was useless...
I use my mighty+ with the dosing capsules which helps with portability aswell as cleanliness in my opinion...If you sort yourself with the filling tray you'll be set for 40doses...

I've since found some awesome little water pipe attachments which just make the experience much more enjoyable for myself...If you're used to water pipes and want that punch, that's the way to go...

I also love the desktop charger, charges in a fraction of the time & you can still use the device while it's charging via direct power while still gaining good charge...

My only downfall I've found is that it doesn't come with a stand... The little toker poker acts like a stand but there's no way I'm relying on a tiny bit of plastic to sit my $500 device upright...

Overall I love it... You will NOT regret this purchase

John Midgley (ADF)
Great service and products.

I was that happy with the service and my mighty plus vaporiser that I've already recommended you guys to friends. Does the mighty plus come with a stand? Just curious, cheers boys 👍🏻

Hi John - Glad you are enjoying your mighty plus! Unfortunately it doesn't come with a stand. That would be awesome though,