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Sub-Ohm Tanks - All You Need to Know

Sub-Ohm Tanks - All You Need to Know

Sub-ohm tanks, also known as sub-ohm clearomizers or sub-tanks, refer to tanks with a coil resistance of less than 1.0Ω. But the term is popular for recognizing tanks that use factory-built, pre-made, removable coil. The resistance of the removable coil heads is lower than 1.0Ω and either screws or plugs into the base of your tank.

The Working of Sub-Ohm Tanks

A sub-ohm tank is like a regular vape tank, however they are better suited for higher-powered vaping setups due to its general construct of a wide-open airflow that leads to greater cloud production. The way a sub-ohm tank works is, once you have set up your tank with a coil and filled your desired e-liquid, the coil will soak up your e-liquid into the cotton. As a result, when you fire you vape device, it will heat up, resulting in its vaporization.

A large chunk of the vaping market made up of vape shops online in Australia, are made up of sub-ohm tanks and generally feature a top filling system as well.

Advantages of Sub-Ohm Tanks

  • High-wattage vaping
  • Intense flavor
  • Wide-open airflow
  • Compatible with high-VG e-liquid
  • Big clouds
  • More convenient than rebuildable vape tanks

Sub-ohm tanks have drastically increased in popularity due to vapor production and intense flavor that is often compared to the best rebuildable vape tanks. As a result, vapers are no longer required to build their own coils and learn about the different wire types and resistances. They are free to use factory-built replaceable coils in the sub-ohm tanks to enjoy the same experience. Unlike high-resistance MTL tanks, most sub-ohm tanks and their designated coils are compatible with high VG vape juices.

Sub-ohm tanks deliver extraordinarily intense flavor, like low resistance rebuildables. It is because of the wide-open airflow; higher vapor production and the additional aspect of mesh vape coils available in the market. With many of the available sub-ohm tanks, you can also experiment with many coils for the same tank, so you can be sure to find the experience of flavor best suited to yourself.

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