Refund Policy

We’re sorry to hear you need a refund, but we want you to know we still love you, and that you can still call us about Vape products anytime. Our products are covered by a three month warranty, although the only exceptions to this are on some specific excluded items, set out in the schedule below. 

Vaping is awesome, but not being able to do so because of a fault in the goods really isn't. We’ll do whatever we can to make it easy to get you back to vaping in style.

The first step is to make sure you’ve identified the nature of the issue with your device. We often find something simple, like changing the batteries or the atomiser you use, are actually the source of the problem. Check our FAQs for some easy and quick solutions on device setup and maintenance. If there isn’t actually anything wrong with a device that’s returned to us, you’ll have to pay for shipping to return it!!

If there IS something faulty with the device, send it back to us and we’ll replace it plus pay for shipping to get it back to you. Check our troubleshooting tips to see if any of those can resolve your issue without having to ship it back. 

Our warranty covers manufacturing faults and defects, major failures, and other issues not caused by your action or inaction. It does not cover accidental damage, damage incurred because a product was used incorrectly or not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, or ordinary wear and tear. 

The Australian Consumer Law provides that you are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

If a Vape Joint product develops a fault due to damage incurred by your incorrect actions, including but not limited to accidental damage, incorrect handling, using a device in a manner contrary to its intended purpose, using inappropriate consumables not intended for use in the product, using liquids or other substances not provided by us, or any other action contrary to the manufacturer's or our instructions, this warranty shall be considered void.

The product must be used in accordance with manufacturer's or the Vape Joint’s instructions, and this warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear in the product or its parts.

Warranties are not transferable and are voided upon resale of any product.

Dry Herb Device Return Policy

As a customer you are required to test the product functionality upon purchase to ensure the device is in good working order, this must be prior to use with any herbal product- this includes but is not limited to charging correctly, Powering on and off, increase and decrease of temperature, device runs through heating cycles and all buttons are functioning. Once this device is loaded with any form of herbal product (dry herb and concentrates) we are not able to accept the product back under warranty, you will be required to contact the manufacturer directly.

Please note - Dry Herb products do not create large clouds of smoke/vapor, you should expect a fine mist - limited vapor production is not grounds for a warranty return Thank you

The Vape Joint does not accept liability for

  1. any loss or damage however suffered, caused by or arising out of any failure to use the product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and
  2. any indirect, consequential or economic loss or damage however caused.

This Warranty is immediately void if

  1. Any serial number or appliance plate is removed or defaced;
  2. Or the Product has been serviced or otherwise repaired by a person not authorised to do so by the Vape Joint or where non approved replacement parts are used.
  3. Or the Product does not have original boxing

This warranty can be claimed only in instances where original proof of purchase is capable of being produced, in the form of invoice, receipt or email.

Excluded Warranty Items 

Below is a list of excluded items from the warranty policy. If any of these products are found to be faulty, unfortunately, due to their status, they cannot be refunded or returned.

E-Liquids – All e-liquids contain food-grade ingredients and are considered a consumable and perishable product. No returns or exchanges will occur with these unless it’s a direct result from manufacturing.

Concentrates/PG and VG – Same as above with regards to food-grade ingredients.

Coils, Wire and Cotton – As these products are considered consumable products, so no refunds or exchanges will take place if the product has been removed from its original packaging.

Batteries – (are excluded from 3-month warranty) But come with a fourteen (14) day warranty period, to ensure you receive them in good working condition.

USB Charged Products (DOES NOT INCLUDE inbuilt battery kits or mods) – We always specify at time of purchase, not to use the inbuilt USB charging port on

the products. We do not offer returns or refunds on any products that have been damaged by using the USB charging. The only exception to this is if the mod has inbuilt batteries, which require charging through the USB port. Make sure care is taken when plugging the device in to charge