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Why choose DynaVap?

Why choose DynaVap?

DynaVap makes battery-free, dry herb vaporizers that deliver outstanding flavour, reduce the amount of dry herb you use, and last a lifetime. The brand’s core mission is to eliminate combustion and alternatively promote the thermal extraction of dry herb materials. There are many reasons to choose DynaVap against other dry herb vaporizer brands available in the market.

First and foremost, DynaVap has a collection of thermal extraction devices built to last forever. They are also battery-free, which means you will no longer have to worry about finding a power source to smoke your dry herbs. The dry herb vaporizers heat the dried herbs into dense clouds of vapour. All you need to heat a DynaVap is use a torch lighter or an induction heater which will drastically reduce your herb heat up time. 

The dry herb vaporizer uses convection or conduction heating to heat your herb. This enables you to stretch your herb and money - extracting 75% more from your material.

One key attribute of Dynavap is their thermal extraction technology, which is far superior to other modern dry herb vaporizers. What exact is thermal extract technology you may ask? Well simply, When the vapor is inhaled, the user gets to experience all of the benefits that smoking any dry herb offers, without the possibility of inhaling burning plant matter, by-products, and hot smoke. Also not to mention, Dynavap dry herb vapes are made with medical-grade titanium or stainless steel. With no internal battery, the devices can last a lifetime.

Another aspect that makes DynaVap the right choice is its unique product range, which includes a few different lines of vaporizers that offer a variety of functionality and specialization in your use of the products. Therefore, there’s a DynaVap product out there that is right for you, suiting your preferences and tastes. The vaporizer makes it an easy first choice for anyone looking at getting into dry herb vaporising.

DynaVap checks all the boxes a vaping enthusiast is looking for when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. The aspects that will encourage a vaper to use the vaporizer include ease of use, build quality and portability. You can fit the devices in your pocket and enjoy them while doing any activity. The vape pens are not only battery-free but also combustion-free. The battery-free technology boosts efficient heating, so less truly is more.

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