Dry Herb 101

How to use a dry herb vape?

How to use a dry herb vape?

How to use a dry herb vape?

Grind the herb

Your first step is to grind your herb before you begin vaping. For the best vaping experience, we recommend a coarse, even grind of your dry herb. Need a grinder? Click here to view our range.

Fill the chamber

Use your ground dry herb to pack the heating chamber of your Dry Herb Vape. Note: Do not pack the chamber to tightly as you want the air to easily flow through that allow for even heating of your herbs.

Heat up vaporizer

Heat up your Dry Herb Vaporizer to the desired temperature. This could take up to a minute depending on the size/features of your device. For smoother/flavorful hits set your device at a lower temperature or for thicker clouds/heavy hit set your device at a higher temperature.

Take a hit

Once your Dry Herb Vaporizer has reached the desired temperature, you are now ready to take a vape. Note: the vapor that a dry herb device produces is not as visible as an e-liquid vaporizer.


Hold your vapor in for one to two seconds before exhaling at a steady pace. Note: holding the vapor in for a longer period of time will not increase the effects.

Continue your session

Continue to keep vaping till the cows come home (metaphorically). We do highly recommend occasionally opening your heating chamber and stirring your aromatherapy herbs to ensure even heating.

Turn off the heat

Once you have finished your vaping session, you can empty your chamber and turn off your device.

Happy Vaping!

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