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Things to Consider When Buying Your First Dry Herb Vape

Things to Consider When Buying Your First Dry Herb Vape

A dry herb vape is ideal for people who prefer to vape over smoking or other means of herb or flower consumption. It is easy to use, especially for beginners but at The Vape Joint we understand selecting your first dry herb vaporizer can be tricky. There are many different types of dry herb vaporizers, each with unique benefits over other options. 

Every vaporizer is different. Some are compact units with pre-temperature settings and a ceramic element to heat your precious herbs, while others are large desktop units that release herbal vapour using convection heating technology. 

For an enjoyable experience with your first vaporizer, there are many factors that you need to consider. Here’s a brief look at the different heating methods, device sizes, and temperature control settings to help you make an informed decision when buying your first dry herb vape

Conduction vs Convection

In conduction vaporizers, the herbal material comes in direct contact with a hot surface. Conversely, in convection vaporizers, heated air is pushed on your blends to produce vapour. 

It is vital to decide on a heating method while choosing a dry herb vape, as each technology has many unique advantages. 

Vaporizers using conduction heating are easier to regulate, while convection vaporizers are gentler on your aromatherapy blends. Convection promotes a gentle release of active compounds and produces a mellower flavour. 

Portable vs Desktop

Portable vaporizers are versatile as compared to traditional desktop units. Sometimes, they are also cheaper, which makes them popular amongst new vapers who want to vape on the go.

Desktop vaporizers have many advantages. Firstly, they don’t easily run out of power. Secondly, they provide better temperature control and flavour. Lastly, they are great for group use. 

Temperature Settings

Some devices automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions. The feature is excellent if you’re just embarking on your vaping journey. But if you vape regularly, you’ll prefer to experiment with different temperatures. So opt for the units with adjustable temperature settings. 

Summing up

The heating method, temperature settings, size, and choice of the herbal blend are essential things to consider while selecting your first dry herb vape. Other factors like price, chamber size, ease of use, and aesthetics are also important. 

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