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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Vape Batteries

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Vape Batteries

 Many people across the globe use vape devices, but often we find many people overlook the importance of vape batteries. At The Vape Joint we emphasize a great deal on this matter, to not only ensure the safety of our customers but also so you get the best life out of your batteries. Below we have detailed out some battery tips to make your life easier:

1. Turn it off when not in use.
If the device is not in use, turn it off. A device drains the battery as long as the power button is on. Get into the habit of turning the device off when you are not using it, and you will start to notice your battery usage throughout the day will decrease and who doesn’t love extra vaping time without charging.

2. Use vape batteries frequently.
Make sure you use the batteries regularly. If you leave them in a drawer or on the shelf for long periods of time, it could impair their performance when you eventually use them. Many materials used in the internal cells of your vape battery degrade even when you are not using them. Therefore, keep using the battery, even if only for a short period.

3. Charge your batteries the right way
It is often that many people are unaware of how to charge your batteries the correct way, so if this is you it is completely fine. This is only applicable to those who are using external battery devices and particularly focusing on dual external batteries. Despite there being a USB port in your vape mod, this is only designed for updating your vape mod’s software and charging your batteries inside of the device will ruin your batteries. For this reason, at The Vape Joint we always highly recommend our customers using external batteries to purchase an external charger to get the best life out of your batteries.

4. Do not overcharge the batteries.
Many people feel that when they leave a full battery on charge, they can stack it full of extra power, and it’ll last longer. But, the capacity of a vape battery is limited. So, when the indicator shows it is fully charged, it cannot fit in any more charge. By charging it for a few more hours, you cannot increase its battery life.

5. Keep your batteries in good condition
One key aspect of external batteries that is often overlooked is the battery wraps, which is the protective cover wrapping the metal battery. This is a very important part of the battery as it keeps them from grounding out on the metal on the inside of a vape mod. Some vape mods have protective pieces that are rubber or plastic inside the battery compartment. This does not mean you should put even partially bare batteries in those mods. When your battery wraps start to deteriorate, you can come in any of our stores and have the battery wrap replaced or you can always wrap them yourself.

6. Use battery cases
It is highly recommended not to leave your batteries loose, such as in your pocket or bag. Doing so leaves your batteries at risk of short circuiting through contact with metal objects, which may
cause your battery to vent or potentially explode. To combat this issue, we suggest using a vape battery case to carry your batteries safely and don’t worry at The Vape Joint we stock a range of battery cases for you to pick from.



By following these simple tips and tricks, you can take care of your vape batteries and ensure a  longer lifetime. And nobody has ever complained about being able to vape for longer.

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