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It is against the law to sell or supply vape products to, or to obtain vape products on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.
It is against the law to sell or supply vape products to, or to obtain vape products on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Vaporesso Gen 200 Kit with iTank

Original price $76.90 - Original price $76.90
Original price
$76.90 - $76.90
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Colour: Aurora Green

Gen 200 iTank Kit by Vaporesso gives impressive a new meaning with its small body that packs two 18650 batteries (not included)! The Gen 200 Mod, an upgraded version of the super-popular Gen & Gen S Kits, presents you with 220W of high-wattage, sub ohm vaping via the intelligent Axon Chip. Couple that with the equally impressive Vaporesso iTank that gives you beauty, power, loads of airflow, removeable drip tip, 8mL vape e-liquid capacity and those delicious, high-powered Vaporesso GTi Coils.


We weren’t surprised that the intelligent Axon Chip is the master mind inside the Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod. Vaporesso uses the Axon Chip on so many of its clever vaping devices because frankly, it does the vape job well, complete with an easy-to-navigate menu, high-powered performance and safety features. More impressive Gen 200 Mod features include:

  • Light weight – for what the Gen 200 iTank Kit delivers in power and performance, it’s lighter than other mods of its type.
  • Two 18650 batteries – vape all day with high wattage (batteries sold separately).
  • Type C charging.
  • Secure, magnetic battery door – so discreet you may have trouble locating it!
  • Soft, textured rubber-coated body – same fingerprint proof, water and fire resistant, four-layer rubber coating firstly featured on the original Vaporesso Gen that’s an absolute dream to hold, super comfortable and provides some grip!
  • 220W at your disposal – run any vape tank you like with the Gen 200 Mod.
  • Variable Wattage Mode levels – lets you choose how you want your Gen 200 Mod to fire:
    • Hard: fires at slightly higher wattage and works its way down to your set wattage through puff; a burst of power at the begging.
    • Normal: fires at your set wattage through puff.
    • Soft: fires at slightly lower wattage and works its way up to your set wattage through puff; might prolong the life of your coil.
  • Separate menu button – includes two ways to access and change modes:
    • Press and hold: keeps you on the main display, allows you to quickly change from Pulse, F (t) and Variable Wattage Normal Modes.
    • Press three times: takes you to menu where you can select DIY for more advanced vaping modes (Variable Wattage levels, Bypass and Variable Voltage).
    • Select Smart Mode so your Gen 200 Mod can detect your coil and set a recommended wattage. This setting can be kept on with other wattage modes.
    • Easy to navigate.
  • Large wattage numbers – no trouble seeing your set wattage on the clear, bright display screen.
  • Fires like Iron Man – although you can’t defeat alien invaders with this type of firing speed, you’ll have instant vape clouds the moment you press that fire button.
  • Quick lock – press the fire button three times and while you can still vape, your wattage and menu buttons are safely locked so you don’t press them while vaping.
  • Fits up to 28mm tank without overhang.


We consider the Vaporesso iTank to be the iPhone of vape tanks because firstly, it also has a lower case ‘i’ at the beginning of its name and secondly it’s intelligently-built in China. 

  • Coil metal chamber – a cool-looking, metal coil chamber surrounds your GTi Coil and adds to the good looks of the iTank.
  • 8mL vape e-liquid capacity – huge e-liquid bubble glass tank. If you do by any chance break you glass you can buy a replacement Vaporesso iTank glass here.
  • E-liquid Self-Circulating System – decreases leakage to the base of the tank by drawing in condensation and re-vapourising it. It works too! We noticed significantly less leakage when we tested the Vaporesso iTank.
  • 25mm base diameter – bubble glass measures 26mm.
  • Vape clouds for days – superb vapour flavour and tremendous clouds are almost a guarantee when vaping with Vaporesso GTi Coils!
  • Durable metal body.
  • Simple maintenance with its:
    • Removeable 510 drip tip for cleaning or replacement
    • Easy coil change - unscrewing the base of the iTank, pulling out the old coil and plugging in the new, primed coil.
    • Easy top filling – push top section of the tank at the arrow to reveal a large, membrane-covered fill port.
  • Adjustable airflow – three inlet wholes at the bottom of the iTank let so much smooth air in so you can make huge vape clouds!
  • Direct-lung (DL) vaping – draw that vapour straight to your lungs (like taking a deep breath in through your drip tip) with the large bore drip tip, high-wattage, sub ohm coils and ample airflow, and fill the room with your vape clouds!

You don’t have to hesitate if you’re contemplating the quality of the Vaporesso Gen 200 iTank Kit. If you like DL vaping, a comfortable-to-hold mod and intelligent features that let you tailor your vape, the Gen 200 iTank Kit is the perfect embodiment of all these vape features. The original Vaporesso Gen Kit was the most popular mod and tank kit, and we’re thinking this Gen 200 make take that title…

Please note:

  • The two Hohm Life 4 18650 3015 mah are not included in the kit.
  • Although the cover of the Gen 200 Mod is water resistant, it doesn’t mean you can dunk it in water, the same way that you shouldn’t light it on fire just because it’s coating is fire resistant.
  • The Vaporesso iTank does not have water or fire resistant features.
  • Remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops (maybe more than a few in the large GTi Coils) of e-juice in the coil cotton before installing to saturate and avoid getting dry hits.
  • We don't recommend this kit for beginner vapers or those who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping (similar to a cigarette puff where you hold vapour in your mouth, then inhale to the lungs which requires lower wattage).


  • 138.5 x 44 x 29mm
  • Display: 0.96 inch OLED screen
  • Charge current: 2A via Type-C port
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Output wattage: 5-220W
  • 8mL e-liquid capacity
  • Only compatible with Vaporesso GTi Coils
  • 510 thread


  • Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod
  • Vaporesso iTank (8mL)
  • GTi Meshed Coil 0.2 ohm (60-75W), best at 70W
  • GTi Meshed Coil 0.4 ohm (50-60W), best at 55W
  • Extra glass tube
  • 3 x O-rings
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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